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YACHT MEDITATION - Thailand Phuket

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On board Meditation, 11 crew members will do their best to please you and to make sure you enjoy every moment with us.
Pikul speaks English and should you wish anything regarding your comfort onboard (drinks, towels, snacks, etc...) just ask her and she will be delighted to help.
First Hostess
Our Spa Therapists are waiting for you on the upper deck to help you choose the treatment that suits you.
Captain Sin has an extensive knowledge of the area. He will allways find the nicest beach for you and the quietest place to spend the night.
'Ta' will make all your meals on board Meditation a moment to look forward to. She can prepare European dishes as well as Delicious Thaļ specialities. Let her know your preferences and how much spicy you like your food...
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Yacht Meditation, available for charter in Phuket.